(from left to right) Perri Doutre, Chico Dimas, Madonna Gaudio, Brent Warner, Emma Shewmaker, Peter Maniatis, Maux Sullivan

Not pictured: Alicia Gould, Jayme Beukelman, Brittny Valdez

Greater Denver Alumni Club
2019 – 2020

Peter Maniatis, President
Chico Dimas, Secretary / Treasurer
Alicia Gould, Chair – Communication and Membership
Brent Warner, Chair – Events and Education
Perri Doutre, Chair – Event and Educational Committee
Brittny Valdez, Webmaster
Madonna Gaudio, Advisor and Past President
Sara Jarrett, ASN National Liaison
Karen Metzger, Founder

Ex-Officio Members

Student Chapter Board
2019 – 2020

Michelle Skrzelow, Co-President
Amanda Brookhaus, Co-President
Mary Rankin, Director of Events
Madison Fliedner, Director of Communications
Maddie Labor, Treasurer
Rosemary Scannell, Senator
Victoria Rinsem, Secretary